Friday, 3 June 2011

Question 2

A potential concern that people reading my blog would be that if they didn’t think it was interesting. Also if they have a different thought on what my blog was about, then there reaction to it would not be what I would want it to be. If some had a problem with what I put on my blog, then that’s there problem. It’s my blog so if they don’t like what I put on it then they don’t have to read it. If mine was on penguins and I like them and they don’t then they don’t have to comment on it or even read it.

Question 1

It is quite difficult to come up with interesting blogs. The challenges would be if you don’t have a very big topic and you have to make it 100 words. It also has to be interesting so people will read it, and when you pick your topic you have to like it to, because if you do not it will be a difficult topic to write about. Also you have to come up with topics, like me I am writing about what happens in a day for me, so if not much goes on its hard to write about something.

Much Music Video Prom

So today is the day that Much Music is coming to our school to host our prom. After school i am going to Shelby’s to get ready at Shelby’s. Then we are going to prom. I’m going to prom with my best friend Olivia, I’m meeting her there. Much music is going to have huge TV screens. The prom this year is in the gym, it’s normally in the cafeteria. I think this dance is going to be the best one yet. Much music is coming all the way from Toronto, Ontario. They even have a DJ coming with them.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Half a School Day

So today I got to stay home for half a day of school. I had to watch my moms shop while she went and got stuff for mother, daughter. I had to get a order of lobster ready for this lady, I didn’t think I knew her, but once I saw her I did, by the time she came my mom was home. She drove me to school. I got to school just after aims class. In math we are doing review, after that we had English class. Just before we went to go to the computer lab, someone’s phone rang; we had to sit there for like 10 minutes wait for the person to give it up. So now we are all in the computer lab.