Saturday, 21 May 2011

Burned Down, Built Up

So 2 years ago my house burnt down. It was in June. It all started by the BBQ. My step mom was cooking food on the BBQ, she turned it off and went to the store about 5 minutes away, when she got back, our house was up in flames. My brother was in side sleeping, he said he heard a huge bang, the propane tank blew up. We have a camper so we stayed in that. 3 am the next morning my dog woke us up barking, my parents got up to see what it was. My house was up in flames again. 11 am the same morning i was in class and my friend said "hey look at the fire truck", yup you guessed it, it was going to my house. So December 23rd 2010 was when our house was finally rebuilt, just rebuilt, we still had to furnish it. so a day before christmas was when we finally got moved in. My house now is a lot bigger then the old one. I'v had a lot of good memories in that house, but i will have many new ones in this one.

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